fans testimonials rebecca perkins midlife coach

It’s always a thrill to know that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life

Rebecca has insight and clarity and is able to put her finger on the ideas that resonate and enable you to make the changes which benefit you.  From the awareness of the language you use to the strengths you forgot you have to the potential that is there.  She gives you the confidence to look at your life and explore, without judgement or pressure, how you can take the next step. We all need this kind of self care and inspiration. ~ JS

The coaching I’ve received from Rebecca over the past several months has helped me to change patterns of thinking and behavior that left me feeling “stuck”, overwhelmed and not really in control of my life.  When I first spoke with her, I described how I’d felt bullied in my workplace.  Her coaching has given me a new perspective that has enabled me to change this dynamic and to move forward.   What perhaps has been even more significant is that in addressing this particular issue, I have begun to experience a new way of living, and a new way of being in the world that has started to transform other aspects of my life profoundly. ~ KC

Working with Rebecca for the last year has been a gift, she always knows just what I need from our sessions – to support me when I need supporting and to challenge me when I need challenging. I have gained a renewed confidence in myself and feel far richer from everything that I have discovered. ~ NH

Rebecca was recommended by a friend.  I was feeling dissatisfied and disoriented and although I knew I needed a change I wasn’t sure what direction to take.  Rebecca helped me look at my life with different eyes to identify the areas that needed the most attention.  She asked me the difficult questions that needed to be asked…… they were thought provoking and led to inspiring results.  I know now what direction to take and have a renewed confidence in myself and in my life. I’m extremely grateful to Rebecca for helping me find my path. ~ SS

Rebecca is a generous and thoughtful coach who is quickly able to put people at ease. She creates a calm and warm environment in which she is able to support and challenge clients to increase their self awareness and develop new ways of approaching situations. Over the past year I have been developing plans to set up my own business, initially with limited progress. As a direct result of Rebecca’s coaching I identified and addressed the reasons for my hesitation and am looking forward to putting my plan into action over the next few months. ~ JW

Your energy and positive outlook is an inspiration Rebecca, thank you. ~ Sam

Rebecca’s coaching has been incredibly powerful in helping me make decision in my life. I can honestly say that working with Rebecca has literally changed my life. She found ways to ground me and enable me to gain clarity in my thinking. She taught me how to be present, and from that point helped me to listen to and act on my intuition. Her faith that the answer was within me was unshakeable and her questioning and coaching has been supportive, caring and challenging. I would immediately recommend her to anyone looking to live an authentic, spiritual and fulfilled life. ~ MDL 

Rebecca is a great listener; she has the ability to make you feel you are the most important person in the room and that what you are saying really matters.  With that listening comes great empathy, empathy that is non-judgemental.  You go away from a brief chat or long get together feeling uplifted and inspired. Her great humour and positivity are consistently and always there. ~ MF

Rebecca asked me many difficult and thought provoking questions that needed to be asked…my answers eventually led to inspired results! ~ Sonee