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For when it’s not the right time for one to one coaching

90 Writing Prompts to Kickstart Your Daily Journal Writing

Writing is creative and releasing. Writing is a place to explore our thoughts, to confide and to celebrate. It’s a place to let off steam and wallow. Whatever you use your writing for it will always be there as a way to explore your inner world. This workbook will give you those prompts for days you’ve no idea what to write.

12 Ways to Love Yourself

Why is it so many of us find it hard to love ourselves? Isn’t it something that we were born doing? Somehow many of us stopped loving ourselves exactly as we are. Perfect. With flaws. Human. This workbook guides you through 12 ways I found to fall back in love with myself.

5 Top Tips to Immediately Improve Your Life

There are times when we need a quick fix, we’re down in the dumps, in a low mood and need to do something quickly to raise us up. We’ve all had days like that right? These tips are simple heartfelt ideas that I’ve used on many occasions when I’ve needed to instantly feel better and boost my mood.

21 Questions 500 x 280

Listening and asking questions is at the very heart of coaching. I have always believed that you are the expert on your life. You already have all the wisdom you need inside you, I’m here simply to guide you in the right direction. Enjoy answering these questions on your journey though midlife.

21 Questions 500 x 280-2

I’m thrilled to be sharing some of my writing on Midlife right here for you. My intention is that you’ll find inspiration and the realisation that you are simply one thought away from having a much more positive and joyful experience of midlife than you might currently be experiencing. Enjoy the ebook – it’s sent with love from me to you.

21 Questions 500 x 280-4

For those unable to come to my Midlife Reinvention workshops, here’s your chance to spend time on your own or with some friends exploring the topics we cover during the one day workshop. I’ve split it into 3 sections which you might decide to do over a 3 day break or long weekend or you might find it easier to spread over 3 weeks. Enjoy!