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For when it’s not the right time for one to one coaching

From Survive to Thrive

It’s happened…the one thing you never imagined or expected from your relationship. Divorce. I’m going to show you how to thrive following divorce or break-up. I promise to teach you how to move from a place of helplessness to one of looking forward in anticipation to a great life ahead of you.

How to Write an Irresistible Dating Profile

Most online dating profiles are deadly boring right? Why?  Most people just want to quickly fill in the blank spaces of the template, so they can begin dating. The result: drab, unoriginal profiles that tend to look a lot the same. This programme will show you how to create an Irresistible Dating Profile what will get you dates.

90 Writing Prompts to Kickstart Your Daily Journal Writing

Writing is creative and releasing. Writing is a place to explore our thoughts, to confide and to celebrate. It’s a place to let off steam and wallow. Whatever you use your writing for it will always be there as a way to explore your inner world. This workbook will give you those prompts for days you’ve no idea what to write.

12 Ways to Love Yourself

Why is it so many of us find it hard to love ourselves? Isn’t it something that we were born doing? Somehow many of us stopped loving ourselves exactly as we are. Perfect. With flaws. Human. This workbook guides you through 12 ways I found to fall back in love with myself.

5 Top Tips to Immediately Improve Your Life

There are times when we need a quick fix, we’re down in the dumps, in a low mood and need to do something quickly to raise us up. We’ve all had days like that right? These tips are simple heartfelt ideas that I’ve used on many occasions when I’ve needed to instantly feel better and boost my mood.

Uh Hello I'm Over Here

Designed for women who have self doubt, who feel undervalued, who feel invisible. It’s for women who know there is so much more to life than they currently feel. I’ll show you how to connect with the woman you are. It’s about celebrating midlife. It’s about making choices. And above all it’s about love!

Reinventing Midlife

I’ve found midlife to be the perfect time for reinvention, turning the page and beginning a new chapter. You may have an empty nest, be looking for a new career, be facing divorce or loss. This programme is about appreciating the woman you are now and looking ahead with a sense of anticipation.

21 Days to Gratitude

How many of us stop to consciously give thanks and show our gratitude? Yes, in passing without much thought we often say ‘thanks’ – to the person who held the door open for us, to the barista for our cappuccino. This workbook will give you a beautiful quote a day to use as focus for your gratitude practice.

21 Questions: A New Way of Thinking About Midlife

Listening and asking questions is at the very heart of coaching. I have always believed that you are the expert on your life. You already have all the wisdom you need inside you, I’m here simply to guide you in the right direction. Enjoy answering these questions on your journey though midlife.