From Survive to Thrive

A Guided Journey to Creating Your New Life after Divorce

It’s happened…the one thing you never imagined or expected from your relationship. Your marriage or long-term partnership has ended. Whether the divorce was your wish or not, whether it was friendly or ugly, it hurts. Like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

You may feel terrified, broken, insecure and hopeless, as you watch all the plans and dreams you made for your marriage evaporate. You may feel righteously angry, confused and shattered, even as if your life has hit rock bottom.

rebecca perkins - the midlife coach

I’m Rebecca Perkins, and please know this one thing: You are exactly where you need to be, my lovely.

I know what it’s like to be shattered by the end of a relationship, to feel entirely at sea after a divorce. I’ve been through every one of those feelings, hopeless and helpless and utterly undone. As I navigated those rocky waters, I discovered some sublime truths. It’s now my passion to share these truths with women like you, women just beginning the journey I’ve travelled.

When that comfort zone
isn’t so comfortable any more

What I realised in the course of picking up the pieces is that my so-called comfort zone – my life before divorce – really wasn’t so comfortable after all. It was suffocating. But like so many woman, the fear I felt at facing the unknown was so great, I didn’t realise it’s what would ultimately set me free.

The pain you are feeling now can become a comfort zone of sorts too; at least it’s familiar, in this space where nothing about your life is the same anymore. Are we brave enough to consider giving up that pain, that suffocation, in order to embrace life from a fresh perspective? I believe we are. We must be. We know too much about life and its potential to do otherwise.

The hard part, of course, is knowing how to begin.

Using your pain as the root of new, good things

There’s a beautiful word in the Japanese language known as kintsukuroi (keen-tsoo-koo-roy). Japanese kintsugi artisans repair broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer, with the understanding that the piece is all the more beautiful for having been broken. It’s a lovely metaphor to help you understand the process you are about to go through.

You’ve been shattered, and you know it’s time to piece yourself back together. You can choose to do so in silver and gold, crafting something strikingly new and beautiful out of the life you once knew. You are a new person now, and you have every right and every reason to recreate the narrative of your life in a way that truly brings you joy.

Discover the five steps to
truly thriving after divorce

Are you ready to move on? Are you ready to start living again? Do you believe, even a little bit, that it’s your right to be happy and joyful again?

I’ll take you step by step on this journey, documented from my own post-divorce experience with input from some amazing women who have also walked this path. You’ll find, as we walk this path together, a deepening sense of satisfaction that you’ve done something vitally important for yourself. Having spent no doubt many years looking after the needs of others, it’s time to learn how to focus on your needs and spend time working through this online learning programme.

Working through each lesson will move your life forward in the direction you choose to take it. I believe that you can. I’m your cheerleader. I know you can do it because I did it.

My promise to you…

  • I promise to show you how to thrive following your divorce or break-up. I promise to teach you how to move from a place of feeling helpless and hopeless to one of looking forward in anticipation to a great life ahead of you.
  • I promise I will ask you the difficult questions, and push you to dig deep for the answers. Because it is only when we know those answers that the real fun of building your new life begins.
  • I promise it will be challenging work, and may take you to places that are tough to visit.
  • And I promise that if you do the work and commit to finishing each exercise, you will have a deeper understanding of yourself, a new love and respect for who you are, and the tools you need to move into your new life – reinvented.

Getting started is easy.

Your first step is to choose the version of the program that looks right for you.

From Survive to Thrive


Perfect if you are perhaps short on time, or are highly committed to taking action on your own. You are comfortable moving at your own pace and just need the right questions to ask to make those changes you seek in your life. With the Journey Lite, you’ll receive:

  • An introductory video for each of the six modules
  • 10 powerful questions to work through for each module


A complete programme for growth and healing, designed for those who want more from me (and themselves!) You will feel like you are sitting in my living room among a group of friends as I talk through different aspects of the programme. Includes everything in the Lite version plus:

  • Additional teaching videos.
  • Worksheets to help you dig deeper into the question and answer process.
  • Additional reading material.
  • Access to the private Facebook group where you’ll connect with a group of fantastic women all at various stages of their own journey toward thriving after divorce. We’ll share, support, encourage and love each other through this incredible experience, connecting with women around the globe going through this universal – yet so very personal – experience.


Our most immersive experience, designed for those of you who want hands-on support to keep you motivated, inspired and accountable for making the changes you are committed to making. I’ll be available each week reviewing how you’re getting on, talking through stumbling blocks and keeping you inspired. The VIP Journey includes everything in the Lite and Comprehensive versions above plus:

  • Weekly 30-minute private coaching sessions on Skype for the duration of the six-week course. 
  • I’ll be by your side as your cheerleader and coach throughout the programme.

"Rebecca has insight and clarity and is able to put her finger on the ideas that resonate and enable you to make the changes which benefit you. From the awareness of the language you use to the strengths you forgot you have to the potential that is there. She gives you the confidence to look at your life and explore, without judgement or pressure, how you can take the next step. We all need this kind of self care and inspiration." JS

When you register

When you register you’ll receive your first lesson, which will include an introductory video from me, PDFs and worksheets to get you started.

A new lesson will follow every week for six weeks.

And don’t worry; if you miss an email or get off track, you can easily log into your account to access all previous lessons; they’re yours forever.

rebecca perkins midlife coach
Rebecca Perkins
Creator of Survive To Thrive

About the Author

I’m a woman in her early 50s, embracing midlife and reinventing herself with first hand experience of the many changes we are facing in midlife. I know what it’s like to experience periods of low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. I’ve suffered years of depression and have come through it, stronger and more at ease with who I am. I’m an explorer and live with the belief that we create our own experience of life via our thinking.

I’m a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Coach and the author of Best Knickers Always: 50 Lessons for Midlife. My writing is regularly featured in the Huffington Post and on The Guardian Soulmates Blog and I’m the Midlife Dating Expert for eHarmony.

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