Midlife Reinvention: Re-writing the script for your midlife

Midlife Reinvention Workshops


Topic: Confidence, Resilience and a Quiet Mind

Date: Saturday 19th May 2018

Time: 10am til 4pm

Where: My Dining Room Table, Mumbles, Swansea.

Cost: £105


Topic: Confidence, Resilience and a Quiet Mind

Date: Saturday 23rd June 2018

Time: 10am til 4pm

Where: My Dining Room Table, Mumbles, Swansea.

Cost: £105

Confidence, Resilience and a Quiet Mind – Saturday 19th May and 23rd June 2018

What if you knew that confidence and resilience were your default setting, along with clear thinking, a quiet mind and mental wellbeing? What if you saw that overthinking, stress and anxiety were not who you are but come from an innocent misunderstanding of how life works?

During the workshops I’m going to point you in a new direction, one where the answers lie — back within.

We all have access to confidence and resilience, it’s not something we lose or need to go in search of to get back. I’ll share my experiences with you and guide you back towards your own innate wisdom. We’ll look at the very powerful role of thought in our wellbeing.

Believe me, you have all the answers you seek.

We’ll get out for a walk on the beach, we’ll play, we’ll share experiences and by the end of the day you’ll have a deeper understanding of where our experience of life is really coming from and hopefully you’ll return home with a spring in your step!

We’ll be writing, talking, sharing stories, exploring more about life. We’ll be laughing, sharing lunch together, eating cake and drinking coffee and tea. We may even shed a few tears.

I’m so looking forward to welcoming you into my home.

Here are a couple of testimonials from previous workshops:

“I signed up for Rebecca’s workshop because I love her happy energy.  She’d attracted an interesting group of women and created a trusting atmosphere in her lovely home quite effortlessly, freeing us up quickly.  Don’t expect to have to follow any rules! If I had to choose one word, it would be ‘generous’…and ‘fun’.”

“I travelled to Rebecca’s workshop with feelings of slight trepidation and nervousness, not really knowing what to expect.  I left feeling as if I’d been amongst old friends.  I quickly relaxed, was motivated, and able, thanks to Rebecca’s skilled prompting and sensitivity, to express myself in a way I’ve not done before. It was an extremely positive experience for me, and one I treasure.”

“I am so pleased I travelled to Wales to Rebecca’s workshop.  She made me feel so comfortable in her beautiful home and facilitated a group of strangers to share their stories, laugh, cry, trust and support each other in a way that seemed to come naturally.  Her questions challenged us to look at our lives, beliefs and feelings and I left feeling that I had made some real friendships and my head was buzzing with thoughts, ideas and more questions. If you add to that the lovely food, good company and a stroll on the beach then I can’t think of many better ways to spend a Saturday.”

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So hoping you’ll join me.

Rebecca x

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