Midlife Reinvention: Re-writing the script for your midlife

Midlife Reinvention Workshops


Topic: Midlife Reconnection

Date: Saturday 30th May 2020

Time: 11am til 4pm

Where: Zoom 

Cost: £45


Topic: Midlife Reconnection

Date: Saturday 20th June 2020

Time: 11am til 4pm

Where: Zoom

Cost: £45

Midlife Reconnection –  Saturday 30th May 2020 and Saturday 20th June 2020

I used to call this workshop Midlife Reinvention. There’s a subtle and profound difference in now calling it Midlife Reconnection. We’ll spend the day together reconnecting with the woman beneath all the layers and labels we’ve given ourselves or been assigned. We’ll reconnect with our true self, the woman we know is in there. We’ll explore the things that hold us back from living a fully engaged life. I’ll point you in a new direction, one where you see for yourself that you are the creator of your experience of life. We’ll take a look at the real cause of things like stress, anxiety, low moods. What if you say that clarity, inspiration, motivation were already at hand, how differently would midlife look? Wouldn’t it be great to truly know which direction you’d like to head for this second half of life? We’ll have fun exploring all this and more.

As we won’t be meeting in person we’ll have to tweak some of the activities. We’ll take a break in the middle of the session for you to explore the outdoors where you are and consider some of the questions I’ll have posed. There will be time throughout the day for conversation, for silence, for listening and playing.


Recovery from Within: Caring for Someone you Love – tba

It can feel so hard to look after ourselves when we’ve got a long list of people and things that call for our attention. I remember having no time to look after my needs when Bea was ill.

I’d love to invite you to come and spend the day together by the sea. We’ll spend the day reconnecting with the person beneath all the layers and labels.

This will be a day for you and your needs.

“When we sit on the aircraft waiting for it to take off, the cabin crew inform us the if there is a drop in cabin pressure the oxygen masks will automatically drop from the ceiling. We must put our own mask on first before we help someone else. We need to be able to breathe before we can help someone else to breathe. It makes sense doesn’t it. And yet how often do we take this seriously in life?”

We’ll take a look at where our experience is really coming from. I’ll be pointing you in a new direction, one which hopefully you’ll see is much more helpful. We’ll take a look at the real cause of things like stress, anxiety, low moods. We’ll share our experiences as a carer and hold a space for each other.

There will be plenty of time for being outdoors, walking and talking on the beach. We’ll have time for conversation, for silence, for learning and listening.


Slow Stitch and a Quiet Mind – tba

“Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally.”  Jon Kabat-Zinn

Join me for a slow day, a mindful day by the sea where we’ll spend time considering life, stitching slowly, walking on the beach, drinking tea and having meaningful conversation.

Slow stitching allows us the space to come into the present moment and be fully conscious and aware of what we are doing. It stills the mind which allows us time away from the constant stream of chatter in our heads.

We’ll play with fabric, needle and threads. We’ll look at the things that seem to cause us stress and anxiety and explore where our experience really comes from. We’ll walk on the beach. We’ll spend time in mindful awareness. We’ll have a delicious lunch together!

No experience necessary, simply come with an open mind and heart.

Here are a couple of testimonials from previous workshops:

“I signed up for Rebecca’s workshop because I love her happy energy.  She’d attracted an interesting group of women and created a trusting atmosphere in her lovely home quite effortlessly, freeing us up quickly.  Don’t expect to have to follow any rules! If I had to choose one word, it would be ‘generous’…and ‘fun’.”

“I travelled to Rebecca’s workshop with feelings of slight trepidation and nervousness, not really knowing what to expect.  I left feeling as if I’d been amongst old friends.  I quickly relaxed, was motivated, and able, thanks to Rebecca’s skilled prompting and sensitivity, to express myself in a way I’ve not done before. It was an extremely positive experience for me, and one I treasure.”

“I am so pleased I travelled to Wales to Rebecca’s workshop.  She made me feel so comfortable in her beautiful home and facilitated a group of strangers to share their stories, laugh, cry, trust and support each other in a way that seemed to come naturally.  Her questions challenged us to look at our lives, beliefs and feelings and I left feeling that I had made some real friendships and my head was buzzing with thoughts, ideas and more questions. If you add to that the lovely food, good company and a stroll on the beach then I can’t think of many better ways to spend a Saturday.”

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So hoping you’ll join me.

Rebecca x

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