Comfort Zones and Vulnerability

photo-23Earlier this week I received the email I’ve been longing for from my publishers….. ‘We’re going to print later this week.’ I was overjoyed, elated, whooping and doing a dance in my kitchen. My book, my baby Best Knickers Always: 50 Lessons for Midlife was finally going to the printers. My ever patient partner texted me to say, ‘So now do you believe?’

Yes, now I did indeed believe and I could breathe….for a moment. Because another email arrived shortly afterwards to say, ‘We’re actually going to print later TODAY.’

That email changed something for me. You see, I’d been comfortable in my comfort zone of ‘later this week’. Suddenly knowing that my book had gone off to press was entirely different for me. My stomach lurched. I felt sick. I felt scared, naked and vulnerable. My fears and doubts and worries about not being good enough or clever enough, or funny enough all surfaced at once. I could feel a panic attack around the corner if I didn’t get a grip. My book, my writing was now out of my control. It had left my bosom.

I’m sharing this with you because it relates to all of us. Our comfort zone is such a safe place. Too comfortable in all honesty don’t you think? Because it’s outside of our comfort zone that we grow. We stretch ourselves, we become more of who we are, we challenge ourselves to be better versions of ourselves when we get a little bit scared. We really see the courageous and resilient stuff we’re made of when we step out.

We must reward ourselves for making these steps forward and that’s something I’ve still got to learn to be better at. Celebrating the little things is often neglected. It needn’t be grand, simply an acknowledgement to ourselves, taking a moment off to stop and feel proud of our achievement is all it takes sometimes.

Here are a few thoughts and questions to mull over this week.

  • What would it be like if you took a single step towards something you want in your life?
  • How can you care for yourself through vulnerability?
  • When did you last take a look at your comfort zone? Is it getting a little too cosy and claustrophic?
  • What could you commit to starting this week that you’ve been putting off for some time?




  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I’m so excited for you, and the women who’ll be touched by your words (including me!)
    Thankyou for being brave and putting your important message out into the world – and publishing a book is right up there with the ‘outside your comfort zone’ experiences!!
    I recently had an epiphany and realised that to learn and grow and inspire the women I’m here to serve, I need to be more visible – BIG stretch outside my comfort zone!
    But I had a sense that this would be really important (vital, in fact) to my continuing journey of growth and empowerment.
    Yes, I created by first video blog !!
    And the strange thing is that although it was terrifying to approach it, it felt so liberating, and I actually want to do MORE of it! And i would never have known that, had I not stepped into the fire!
    Thankyou Rebecca for being you, and for being brave and stepping out of YOUR comfort zone!!
    Ann x 🙂

    • Rebecca P says:

      Thank you Ann for your lovely comment. It means a lot. You are one step ahead of me with the video blogging….funny isn’t it it’s something that will be a stretch for me too and I’m sure just like you once it’s done I’ll wonder why I didn’t do it before….watch this space!!! Rxx

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